With just a couple of tools, it only takes 9.2 seconds to break in.

But don't worry, this type of burglary can be easily prevented.

Upgrading your locks to Ultion TS007 3* cylinders is quick, easy and inexpensive, and leaves you feeling 100% confident that your home can't be burgled by snapping - and there's a £1000 guarantee to back that up.

To find out if your current locks are up to standard, call us now on 023 9240 1668, or tap the button below.

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If you'd prefer to check for yourself, have a look at your lock cylinders, just underneath the keyhole.

3 Star Europrofile cylinder

If your lock cylinder has 3 stars, like this one, then you have a good cylinder

Standard Europrofile cylinder

If there are no stars, your cylinder is vulnerable to snapping.

Even if it has the BS kitemark, but only 1 star, it's better than no stars, but still vulnerable.

Upgrading takes less than 30 minutes and costs less than your insurance claim excess.
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Did you know?


Homes are burgled each year


Burglaries happen when the home is occupied


Homes are burgled through a door every day

Burglary victims see the burglar


Burglaries through locks are by cylinder snapping

Burglary victims move house within 2 years

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